17. Februar 2019

Sermon on February 11th, 2018

Sermon: Gerhard Weissenbrunner

Mark 9, 2 – 9                       listen to love

A light radiates! An indescribable, strong, bright light. No human, no washing powder, nothing on this earth can generate such bright, strong white. It is a divine light.
The human Jesus from Nazareth radiates this light. You cannot tell if the light took posession of him or was shining through him. No, it says “And he was transfigured before them, and his clothes became radiant, intensely white, as no one on earth could bleach them”. Peter, Jacob and John saw a new dimension. They saw God in his transformation as him. “Jesus, the Christ, true human and true God”

God himself attests to his son. Out of the cloud a voice spoke: „This is my beloved son, you should listen to him!” Jesus Christ, the human revelation of God. The God, who’s essence is love. And this love radiates to the disciples in the shape of Jesus. God is the spirit and we cannot touch him, only pray to him in spirit. But in Jesus, we can touch and understand God. With Jesus, God gets a shape. God becomes visible for us. The light of love radiates on us. Us and all of humankind.

Peter, Jacob and John see the radiating God and hear the voice. But they don’t understand. Peter reacts first: “Rabbi, it is good that we are here. Let us make three tents, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah.”
Peter reacts very humanely. He thinks, that this special event must be remembered at this special place. He experienced something remarkable. This must be a holy place! He and the two other disciples can be witnesses to it. For this, first there are the disciples and later the tents. They wanted to do, what humans do all over the world. For remembrance and to attest special God encounters, they declared places holy and built churches, chapels, temples, mosques and altars.

The disciples value Moses and Elijah as much as Jesus. However, unlike Jesus Moses and Elijah do not radiate in front of their eyes. This is a difference:
Moses was messenger between God and the people of Israel. They brought God’s commandments, rules and instructions. Words and instructions for a good, fulfilled and blessed live. He was the leader of Israel.
Elijah was a prophet. He paid attention to God’s rules and warned people of disobeying those rules. Elijah acted a mouthpiece of God.
He was messenger and leader, but also the mouthpiece. They are present in this scene. They talk to Jesus. We do not know what they say. But they don’t radiate. In comparison, Jesus radiates as only pure, with indescribable words, only wonderful love could radiate. And he is introduced as son of God. This is something different.

This attest from God for Jesus of Nazareth makes him above us humans. Yes, Jesus lived and felt as a human, so that he can be empathic to the suffering. And we call him friend and brother. Yes, we are allowed to, because he wants to be close to us as a human. But he is also God. We should not forget this. “My lord and my God”, this is the declaration of faith from the disciple Thomas when he kneels in front of the lord.

This is how Peter, Jacob and John see their Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth. It was only after crucifixion and resurrection the three and all the other disciples and see who Jesus really was. Jesus, the savior of the world! Touch him and he will cure the sick.. Touch him, and with him will turn straight, what was bent, improves what was distorted, cleans what was dirty and brings life to death.

After Jesus moved into another dimension – it is said he raised into the heavens – his disciples moved out into the world. And they announced what they have seen and witnessed. They took God’s commandment faithfully when he said: “You have to listen to him!” With signs and miracles they passed on the good news. The same way as their lord Jesus did.

And thousands of people, millions by now have changed their lives. They are healed through their believe in Jesus Christ. They stopped lying and cheating. They started to pay attention to others and helped the poor, by giving them their attention, their time, shelter and food. Many humans have become the light in the name of Jesus Christ for others.

The light of love is spreading. We humans calculate up to 10 or 11 dimensions in mathematics. With Jesus, there is one more. It is a dimension of love! This dimension if full of energy and force. And where the love frees its energy, there is new life – peace, happiness and reliance.
Teilhard de Chardin writes: „… one day, after all the discoveries will history continue its path and we will capture from God also the energy of love. – And then humans will have invented fire for the second time in world history”.

Jesus said while he was living: „I wish, that this fire was already burning!“. And it started to burn with him. Since then it has spread across the whole world. Not a destroying fire, but a cleaning and unifying one.
Mahatma Gandhi was a person, who saw this and lived it. The words of Jesus in the sermon on the mount did not miss their effect on Gandhi. Despite Hindu he took this force of love and used it for the people. Not only for India but for people in the whole world he became an example for peace through devoted love. Gandhi proves, what many so called Christens dispute, Jesus’s commandment “Love your enemies” is possible to live by.

A peaceful world is possible! – with the energy of love!

We live in a global world today. The greed for power, envy, the ruthlessness of many in power could frighten me. But is does not! I call with Paul: “death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”

I believe in the power of love. The energy of love is stronger than anything else.

The love covers the evil. She does not destroy evil. She does not dissolve with evil as oil and water does not dissolve. Love makes the evil unimportant. She makes it invisible, she covers it.

The light of life shines into the darkness of the world and into our own. It shines into our hearts and guides us out of the darkest caves. Like on an oversized billboard, this light projects Jesus’ words and makes them visible. The commandments and rules of God become ours. They become our pleasure.

What is done in pleasure, is done gladly. You can’t wait to do it!

It is up to us to believe in God when he attests Jesus „This is my beloved son, you should listen to him!”

I have decided many years ago to accept Jesus Christ as my lord and God. To listen to him and wanting to live in his presence with the mercy he wants to grant me. An in front of everyone I want to testify to have witnessed this unbelievable, strong, bright light. Like Peter, Jacob and John and many after them, I have seen this light. It is an atmosphere of love and happiness with many thousand angels singing Hallelujah. I know something of this energy of love. It also started a fire in me and I prayed that it will continue to burn.

I hope it will burn stronger in us, in our families, in our congregation and in our town. And it is possible, If we listen to the love.