19. September 2019

Sermon on June 9th, 2019 – Pentacost

Sermon Pentacost 2019 – Pastor Christoph Petau

John 14,8-17 and Acts 2,1-21

Sometimes I find a tool or somehow it comes to me. It is no longer needed, lies in a corner, dusty, takes up room. Why keep it? – Maybe for today’s sermon.

Drill, 150 Watt, metallic. This cannot „drill big holes in thick boards“or what we sometimes say about big tasks which lie ahead of us. Almost 30 years ago, my father gave us a good drill as a wedding present. The motor now needs new carbons. A new one would be better. And yet – the old one could be rebuilt. With attachments for circular saw, stand or jigsaw or belt grinder. And yet I hear my father scold and curse when I secretly tried different ways during childhood. Today motors are cheaper or: a battery for all devices. 

Holy Spirit, let’s drill big holes in thick boards.…

Razor blade sharpener. After handing over the house we found it in the last corner in a drawer in the cellar. Nothing could be done with it. Til today I do not have to sharpen razor blades. Dad explained about the journeyman’s test in the post-war period. Today I use a beard trimmer or for other things a Stanley knife which „sharpens“itself by breaking off the blade. 

Sometimes we say, „things are on the cutting edge “. Because spiritual power teaches us to do the right thing.

Two-man pull saw and a pull saw. These have been replaced by a chain saw a long time ago. I found one in a metal container. Once I used it with magnets for a bulletin board. Now I found it in the last corner of the celler and do not want to part with it. It may be a Protestant tool through and through. Maybe the almost 400 men of the Rax King Georg Hubner (*1755 Gosau +1833 Naßwald) have used such devices to transport firewood to Vienna. With the saying, „the windows stay round!“ – he defied the Emporer’s freedom and founded the Protetantism parish congregation Nasswald/Rax with a system for living, school, working, health and retirement. When the wood had all gone to Vienna, he was ahead of his time and blasted a flood tunnel over 430meter long. And so the secret Protestant made history in Austria. Power for the future grows out of the hidden and the secret.

Breath of God lets us recognize the sign of the times….

You can also make music with this saw. There are different sounds depending on the tension. One can beat or bend them while playing. I already saw a skiffle band performing with them. And I hear Ernesto Cardenal in the background: „We are not yet in the ballroom but we are invited to hear the music“. With this music we may receive God’s spiritual power.…

To Force. Neighbor let me burn them. Wooden and turned ancestors of my iron screw clamps in different sizes. In the future I will use them as book holders in my shelves. 

The Holy Spirit does not allow himself to be moved. His power lies more in the unexpected, in the freedom. Surprises are more a type of game of God. And yet this force is a metaphor for the Holy Spirit. Glue needs a certain pressing time so that it connects.  Have you succumbed to the Holy Spirit or experienced the unexpected as a great freedom? 

Punches. With a diameter of 5 cm is was not needed anymore and landed in a metal container. I use it frequently. We made holders for the candles used for the Easter labyrinth. I built mobilies with residents from the senior homes. It is also helpful for wound care.…

Sometimes the Holy Spirit counts on the unseen, the useless.

During these days I say a prayer from the Normandy (1913): Make me the tool of your peace.