28. Mai 2020


Welcome to the website of the United Methodist Church (UMC; in German: Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche) Graz (Wielandgasse 10, 8010 Graz) .

The church herself was built in the year 1923 and modernized during the nineties in the last century.

The admission is accessible for people with disabilities.

We have no pews in the congregation room, but comfortable chairs.

We are proud to be an international congregation. People from many nations and different cultures attend the Sunday Service in our church. As community, we try to enable our belief in Christianity to play an effective role in our lives. We believe in God, whereby we even feel, that God’s unconditional love is given to all people, also to you.Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist EMK-2018-2-1-1024x682.jpg

Our Sunday Service takes place every Sunday at 10:00am. We kindly invite you to come celebrating with us!

For Children, we offer companion in the shape of the so-called Sunday School (the school is optional) during the Sunday Service.

The Sunday Service is translated into standard English as a common consent. It can be followed via headsets, which are handed out to you to follow the Liturgy, if you want.

After the Sunday Service, you are invited to remain for coffee or tea. You can meet other people to get talking to somebody, if you want.

For contact: Frank Moritz-Jauk,

Phone: +43 316 / 82 22 25 // 0664 / 73750431

email address: frank.moritz-jauk@emk.at